I love to sew and I love reconfiguring cast-off materials into useable forms. Green Grin provides a venue for me to share my creations with the world. In 2003 I began using upcycled sweaters to make Mitts for Musing Handwarmers, decorated with my original applique designs. They received such a positive response that I was inspired to see what it would be like to employ myself full-time as a textile artisan and make a living from my art. All these years later, I'm still at it, and Green Grin has expanded to include Soft Sculpture and toys. I'm still a one-woman operation, and I'm still putting my heart into each and every stitch. 

Each Plush, Soft Sculpture, and Mitt is carefully considered and individually designed; some items may be similar, but all are unique!

~Beth Grimsrud~